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Top Recommended Tracks: 2017

Download "The Hour Has Come" free jazz mp3

The Hour Has Come

By: Mario Duenas
From: Cosmic Crossword
On: Mario Dueñas

Featured: April 29, 2017
Listens: 75,684
Download "Nostalgia Op.1" free jazz mp3

Nostalgia Op.1

By: Giuseppe Millaci
From: Songbook
On: Hypnote Records

Featured: September 26, 2017
Listens: 49,302
Download "Lazy Lion" free jazz mp3

Lazy Lion

By: Sal La Rocca
From: It Could Be The End
On: Igloo Records

Featured: December 28, 2017
Listens: 4,242
Download "Möbius Strip" free jazz mp3

Möbius Strip

By: Möbius Strip
From: Möbius Strip
On: Musea Records

Featured: April 13, 2017
Listens: 5,647
Download "Snap" free jazz mp3


By: Jorg Schippa
From: Jorg Schippa's Kiosk
On: Unit Records

Featured: August 25, 2017
Listens: 2,447
Download "It Could Be The End" free jazz mp3

It Could Be The End

By: Sal La Rocca
From: It Could Be The End
On: Igloo Records

Featured: May 15, 2017
Listens: 6,192
Download "Live at U of T" free jazz mp3

Live at U of T

By: Liebman & Murley Quartet
From: Live at U of T
Self Produced

Featured: December 11, 2017
Listens: 2,511
Download "Breath II, Tribute to Esbjorn Svensson" free jazz mp3

Breath II, Tribute to Esbjorn Svensson

By: Theodor Mirisclavos
On: Polytropon Records

Featured: May 3, 2017
Listens: 4,515
Download "Ode to Captain Beefheart " free jazz mp3

Ode to Captain Beefheart

By: Cheryl Pyle
From: Art Space
On: 11th street Music

Featured: April 8, 2017
Listens: 3,846
Download "Joycie Girl" free jazz mp3

Joycie Girl

By: Roberto Magris
From: Prague After Dark
On: Jmood Records

Featured: November 1, 2017
Listens: 2,708
Download "Jalousie Ballet" free jazz mp3

Jalousie Ballet

By: Wolfgang Seligo
From: Jalousie Ballet
On: Wolfgang Seligo

Featured: December 18, 2017
Listens: 3,716
Download "Still Together " free jazz mp3

Still Together

By: Kazhargan World
From: Destinations
On: Dewey Records

Featured: April 15, 2017
Listens: 2,822
Download "Déjà Vu" free jazz mp3

Déjà Vu

By: Möbius Strip
From: Möbius Strip
On: Musea Records

Featured: July 24, 2017
Listens: 3,635
Download "Moving Day" free jazz mp3

Moving Day

By: Joe Garrison & Night People
From: The People Upstairs
Self Produced

Featured: February 14, 2017
Listens: 4,726
Download "Entanglement" free jazz mp3


By: Quantum Trio
From: Duality: Particles & Waves
On: Nei Gong Music

Featured: May 8, 2017
Listens: 6,297
Download "The Astronomer" free jazz mp3

The Astronomer

By: Joe Garrison
From: The Mystic
Self Produced

Featured: March 29, 2017
Listens: 3,901
Download "Make It Rain Love My Way" free jazz mp3

Make It Rain Love My Way

By: Tony Adamo
From: Modern Soul Sauce
On: Urbanzonerecords

Featured: July 31, 2017
Listens: 98,574
Download "On My Way " free jazz mp3

On My Way

By: Carol Albert
From: On My Way

Featured: February 5, 2017
Listens: 5,918
Download "I Remember Every Day" free jazz mp3

I Remember Every Day

By: Paul Tynan
From: Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Five
On: OA2 Records

Featured: June 29, 2017
Listens: 4,789
Download "Zotrziko" free jazz mp3


By: Orazio Saracino
From: IncontroTempo Suite
On: Workin' Label

Featured: October 17, 2017
Listens: 2,971
Download "Jeru Concerto, Mvmt. 1" free jazz mp3

Jeru Concerto, Mvmt. 1

By: Brian Landrus
From: Generations
On: BlueLand Records

Featured: July 29, 2017
Listens: 3,430
Download "Sesame Street Theme" free jazz mp3

Sesame Street Theme

By: Delfeayo Marsalis
From: Kalamazoo
On: Troubadour Jass

Featured: December 14, 2017
Listens: 3,884
Download "Kyu" free jazz mp3


By: Filippo Bubbico
From: Kyu
Self Produced

Featured: December 29, 2017
Listens: 2,996
Download "Next Time We Fly" free jazz mp3

Next Time We Fly

By: Jason A Mullinax
From: Time Being
On: Self Released

Featured: May 11, 2017
Listens: 3,068
Download "Suite for Improvisors" free jazz mp3

Suite for Improvisors

By: Ronaldo Diamante
From: Suite for Improvisors
Self Produced

Featured: December 24, 2017
Listens: 2,989
Download "Beguine Nummer Eins" free jazz mp3

Beguine Nummer Eins

By: Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo
From: Peace
On: Libra

Featured: March 7, 2017
Listens: 2,740
Download "Brotherhood" free jazz mp3


By: Igor Willcox
From: #1
On: Room73 Records

Featured: April 6, 2017
Listens: 2,787
Download "Odd Times" free jazz mp3

Odd Times

By: Errol Rackipov
From: Distant Dreams
On: OA2 Records

Featured: June 20, 2017
Listens: 3,283
Download "The End Of A Love Affair " free jazz mp3

The End Of A Love Affair

By: Gianfranco Menzella
From: My favourite songs
On: Philology

Featured: February 1, 2017
Listens: 4,960
Download "Caravan" free jazz mp3


By: Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe
From: Caravan
Self Produced

Featured: February 20, 2017
Listens: 3,600
Download "Winter Sweet" free jazz mp3

Winter Sweet

By: University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra
From: Sweet Ruby Suite
Self Produced

Featured: February 28, 2017
Listens: 4,194
Download "La Copla" free jazz mp3

La Copla

By: Nicolas Herrera
From: Kala
Self Produced

Featured: March 26, 2017
Listens: 3,466
Download "Unwired" free jazz mp3


By: Angiolo Tarocchi
From: Unwired
On: JCH Productions

Featured: May 22, 2017
Listens: 3,408
Download "Sleepers Wake" free jazz mp3

Sleepers Wake

By: Bill Cunliffe
From: BACHanalia
On: Metro

Featured: August 6, 2017
Listens: 5,244
Download "Battle Hymn of the Old Republic" free jazz mp3

Battle Hymn of the Old Republic

By: Brian McCarthy
From: The Better Angels of Our Nature
On: Truth Revolution Records

Featured: July 8, 2017
Listens: 3,093
Download "To Gaze Out The Cupola Module" free jazz mp3

To Gaze Out The Cupola Module

By: Bryan and the Aardvarks
From: Sounds from the Deep Field
On: Biophilia Records

Featured: October 13, 2017
Listens: 6,239
Download "I Wanna See Your Funk" free jazz mp3

I Wanna See Your Funk

By: Iordache
From: Organic Natural
On: Fiver House Records

Featured: December 12, 2017
Listens: 2,752
Download "30 Orchard Street (feat. Rich Perry)" free jazz mp3

30 Orchard Street (feat. Rich Perry)

By: Niculin Janett
From: No Parking Any Time

Featured: February 17, 2017
Listens: 2,848
Download "Mens Træerne Stryger Forbi" free jazz mp3

Mens Træerne Stryger Forbi

By: Røgsignal
From: Pletter På Solen
On: Danish Desert Records

Featured: May 9, 2017
Listens: 2,546
Download "Cry Me A River" free jazz mp3

Cry Me A River

By: Bill Mentz
From: Single
Self Produced

Featured: August 2, 2017
Listens: 5,419
Download "Raining In Bristol" free jazz mp3

Raining In Bristol

By: Andy Nowak
From: Sorrow And The Phoenix
Self Produced

Featured: December 16, 2017
Listens: 2,652
Download "Elasticity of Time and Space" free jazz mp3

Elasticity of Time and Space

By: Nick Maclean Quartet
From: Rites of Ascension
On: Browntasauras Records

Featured: November 25, 2017
Listens: 2,616
Download "Kings of Orient (We Three Kings)" free jazz mp3

Kings of Orient (We Three Kings)

By: Deanna Witkowski
From: Makes the Heart to Sing: Jazz Hymns
On: Tilapia Records

Featured: December 27, 2017
Listens: 2,859
Download "By the southward verging sun" free jazz mp3

By the southward verging sun

By: Peeter Uuskyla
From: Ullr
Self Produced

Featured: January 13, 2017
Listens: 3,880
Download "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" free jazz mp3

Lovers In A Dangerous Time

By: Heather Bambrick
From: You'll Never Know
Self Produced

Featured: February 10, 2017
Listens: 4,382
Download "Rhythm Or Rhyme" free jazz mp3

Rhythm Or Rhyme

By: Sam Friend
From: Twin
Self Produced

Featured: February 21, 2017
Listens: 3,450
Download "En Route" free jazz mp3

En Route

By: Rupert Leighton
From: All Kinds Of Fine
On: Rupert Leighton

Featured: February 27, 2017
Listens: 3,351
Download "Labor Day" free jazz mp3

Labor Day

By: John McLean
From: Parts Unknown
On: Origin Records

Featured: September 4, 2017
Listens: 4,283
Download "Arms of Love" free jazz mp3

Arms of Love

By: Debora Galán
From: All About Love
Self Produced

Featured: October 15, 2017
Listens: 3,260
Download "To Know Love..." free jazz mp3

To Know Love...

By: Maria Schafer
From: To Know Love...
On: Marsch Music

Featured: December 26, 2017
Listens: 2,120