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Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


The Chair With No Legs by Organized Noise Trio: Pete Rodriguez, Rudy Royston, and Ricky Rodriguez.

From the album

Album Title: The Wink of a Coward
Label: You Knew! Records
Released: 2017


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Fiona's Comments

Possibly the most effective alarm ringtone you'll ever hear. What is The Chair with No Legs? Get floored.

About the Album

NJ Composed by Pete Rodriguez, with special guest and fellow You Knew! Records recording artist, Gil Del Bosque.

Track Listing

Never Too Late, Your Help’s Not Wanted Here,They Smile at Your Face the Backstabbers, What a Day, Mayone, Shamae, The Chair With No Legs,The Dark City, The Wink of a Coward, Past Due, The Wink of a Coward (reprise).


Additional Personnel

Pete Rodriguez: trumpet; Ricky Rodriguez: double bass, electric bass, and synth sounds; Rudy Royston: drums. Gil Del Bosque on The Chair With No Legs.

Date featured

February 21, 2018

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