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Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


Soul Cha Cha by LehCats

From the album

Album Title: Movement to Egalitaria
Released: 2018


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Fiona's Comments

Heat loving, sun seeking chachinos, smile for the camera, feel your red platelets gliding, it's always a beautiful day with Soul Cha Cha in your blood.

About the Album

“Movement to Egalitaria is a line in the sand. Any jazz fusion recordings that are released in the future will be compared to this album. Karen Stachel and Norbert Stachel have delivered an epic and energetic production for the ages. They have poured their hearts and souls into creating something that will stand the test of time- not just because of its brilliant virtuosity—but because this album has vision and integrity. It stands for something." —Kabir Sehgal, New York Times bestselling author, Multi-Grammy Award Winner Seven musicians who define the terms artistry, teamwork and chemistry starting with the chemistry of the married couple of Karen and Norbert Stachel, the leaders of LehCats.

Track Listing

TRACK LISTING 1. Soul Cha Cha 2. The National Anthem Of Egalitaria 3. Sunshine 4. Doppler Effect 5. Mandela 6. 9 Lives 7. Step On It 8. Celia's Bomba 9. Goodbye Elgin Park 10. Meshugaza 11. Mopar's Song




Additional Personnel

MUSICIANS: Karen Stachel - flutes & vocal Norbert Stachel - reeds & flutes Nanny Assis - Brazilian percussion Francis Benitez - drums John Benitez - acoustic & electric bass Will Bernard - guitar Ivan Bodley - acoustic bass Chris Biesterfeldt - guitar Carlos Chong - guitar Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr. - drums Ricky Encarnacion - electric bass Pete Escovedo - percussion Gary Fisher - piano Richie Flores - congas & percussion Edsel Gomez - piano Dan Gonzales - drums & percussion Siavash Haghtalab - Iranian hand percussion Bob Lanzetti - guitar Axel Laugart - piano Ray Obiedo - guitar Mike O'Brien - acoustic bass Lonnie Plaxico - acoustic & electric bass Melissa Rodnon - pandeiro Elizabeth Schwartz - vocal Dave Solomon - guitar Mike Stern - guitar Yale Strom - violin Yunior Terry - shekeres Renato Thoms - urdu & percussion Peter Washington - bass Lenny White - drums

Date featured

July 12, 2018

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