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Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


Sleepless in Paris by Moy Eng

From the album

Album Title: The Blue Hour
Label: Patois Records
Released: 2019


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Fiona's Comments

Believable spoken words blanketed in an appropriately cosy musical tog, music with the comfort of dreams.

About the Album

"Sleepless in Paris" is the second track from Chinese-American poet-vocalist Moy Eng’s striking debut album, "The Blue Hour.” An intoxicating blend of autobiography and imagination in collaboration, Eng created the album with four-time GRAMMY-nominated trombonist/composer/arranger Wayne Wallace, who served as Eng’s songwriting partner and producer. The result is a mature collection of new songs showcasing arresting lyrics and wide range of musical styles. Her lyrics are a blend of autobiography and her expansive imagination, and they range across the emotional landscape while the writing retains the wide-eyed delight of a gifted sensualist. Traversing themes related to love, loss, travel, and identity, Eng presents these songs as a colorful basket of individual gifts, each wrapped in a gently sumptuous and frankly beautiful alto – a silky but unruffled singing voice as warmly clear as the poetic “voice” that infuses her writing. To complement her words, Wallace’s compositions – and especially his spot-on arrangements which draw on his eclectic musical experiences in pop, rock, jazz, and Latin music – enhance each of Eng’s lyrics, underscoring emotions both spoken and implied.

Track Listing

Filthy Gorgeous, Sleepless in Paris, You Put A Spell on Him, I Love A Girl Who Parties, Hong Kong, Wild Plum, Magnolia Light, Alpha Girl, A New York Moment, Thursdays in May


Additional Personnel

Moy Eng: vocals; Deszon Claiborne: drums; Colin Douglas: drums; Akira Tana: drums; David Belove: fretless bass, electric; Marc van Wageningen: electric bass; John Wiitala: acoustic bass; Joe Gilman: piano; Murray Low: keyboard; Frank Martin: keyboard, piano, and organ; Michael Spiro: congas and percussion; Rick Vandivier: guitars and dobro; Tommy Kesecker: vibraphone; Erik Jekabson: trumpet; John Worley: trumpet; Mary Fettig: alto saxophone; Melecio Magdaluyo: alto, tenor, and bari saxophone; Wayne Wallace: trombone; Eugene Chuklov: first violin; Niki Fukada: second violin; Edith Szendrey: viola; Monica Scott: cello; Yuki Nagase: double bass.

Date featured

September 30, 2019

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