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Music for Susanne Butcher by Max Ridgway

From the album

Album Title: Art Sound
Label: 11th street Music
Released: 2019


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Fiona's Comments

A tune that purrs for a lady who loved dogs. In the hip guarde ahead of the avant.

About the Album

the new free jazz offering inspired by women artists , painters and friends. Art sound -2019 following the releases by the trio on 11th street music , soul dust, green underworld, modern art , art space

Track Listing

ART SOUND Max Ridgway , Cheryl Pyle , Randall Colbourne 1 -Music for Per Kirkeby 2- Music for Suzanne Butcher 3-Music For Jean Arp 4-Music for Hilma af Klint 5. Music for Patrick Yorffeg 6. Music for Eva Hesse 7 . Music for Elizabeth Murray 8. Music for Remedios Varo 9. Music for Jean- Michel Basquiat 10.Music for Leonora Carrington 11.Music for Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian Cheryl Pyle -c flute /alto flute Max Ridgway -guitar ,bass Randall Colbourne -drums cover art by Patrick G. Yorffeg 11th street music @ 2019


Max Ridgway
Max Ridgway

guitar, electric

Additional Personnel

Cheryl Pyle -c flute /alto flute Max Ridgway -guitar ,bass Randall Colbourne -drums

Date featured

March 26, 2019

This track appears by permission of the contributing artist and/or record company.
It is for personal use only; no other rights are granted or implied.

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