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\\livingfossil// by Gordon Hyland

From the album

Album Title: NEVER DIE! by \\livingfossil//
Released: 2018
Duration: 01:01:44


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Fiona's Comments

There are many living fossils. When they decay into amber oblivion for good, there will be space for the real life forms to capture the space of Earth. The meek are waiting...tuning into this humble number while their ticket comes around. #thexxxxfiles #HappyVelociraptorDay

About the Album

NEVER DIE! is the debut album by \\livingfossil//, led by Toronto born-and-raised saxophonist Gordon Hyland. The band features a roster of musicians - all active players in the Toronto scene - who have had important roles in Hyland’s career: be it as collaborators, friends, and/or mentors, including tenor saxophonist and co-producer, Mike Murley. The non-standard instrumentation (the use of two guitarists) allows each musician to shine equally and leads to the exploration of interesting new timbres: unison doubling between guitars and saxophones, effected instruments, and compositional forms influenced by graphic scores and free improvisation. Most of the tracks on this album are original works by Hyland. NEVER DIE!, the album’s title track, encapsulates the overall theme of the album: it is a tragicomedy, where the nostalgic saxophone melody is interrupted somewhat rudely by an explosively Zappa inspired groove. Despite the cacophony, Hyland’s sense of humour never allows the album to sink completely into the darkness.

Track Listing

macrophages; \\livingfossil//; NEVER DIE!; lorraine; satellite; baby steps; listen to the quiet voice; meta max; lessforgettable.


Gordon Hyland
Gordon Hyland

saxophone, tenor

Additional Personnel

Gordon Hyland: Tenor Saxophone; Mack Longpre: Drums, Mike Murley: Tenor Saxophone (4, 6, 9); Andrew Roorda: Electric Bass (1-3, 5, 7, 8), Torrie Seager: Electric Guitar (1-3, 5,7,8); Vivienne Wilder: Acoustic Bass (4, 6, 9); Neil Whitford: Electric Guitar.


Date featured

February 14, 2018

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