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Forecast by Colin Stranahan

From the album

Album Title: Live at the Jazz Standard
Label: Capri Records
Released: 2019
Duration: 58:07


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Fiona's Comments

Tipping the cool feel scale. Be chilled.

About the Album

"Forecast" is the first track from drummer Colin Stranahan, pianist Glenn Zaleski, and bassist Rick Rosato's album "Live at Jazz Standard.” Reprised from the trio’s last album, Limitless, “Forecast” opens the album with a simmering and malleable sense of swing; its 9-minute length exemplifying the way that these renditions stretch the material much further than the studio originals. Zaleski and Stranahan both take compelling solos, but it’s the intricate interaction and instantaneous conversation between the three that is most striking. The band members were all at a formative stage in their respective careers when they met more than a decade ago. While their trio, known simply as Stranahan / Zaleski / Rosato in acknowledgment of their equal and personal contributions to a distinctive group sound, has remained a key priority for all three, their collaboration has become something of a victim of their own individual successes. Six years after their last album, the trio has managed to shake off the demands of rising jazz stardom and reconvene for this album. Despite the intervening years, this exhilarating set finds the trio’s chemistry not only intact but flourishing with the passage of time. In part that’s due to the members’ shared commitment to continuing to maintain their collaboration as a going concern. But it also reflects the individual successes and experiences that each of them has enjoyed apart from the others as in-demand bandleaders and sidemen. All of those elements converge in electrifying and captivating fashion throughout the six tracks.

Track Listing

Forecast; Sullivan Place; Waltz for MD; All the Things You Are; Chorale (For Fred Hersch); On the Road.


Additional Personnel

Colin Stranahan: drums; Glenn Zaleski: piano; Rick Rosato: bass.

Date featured

October 3, 2019

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