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Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


Afrika by Emiliano Sampaio

From the album

Album Title: Music for Large Ensembles Vol II
Label: Sessionwork Records
Released: 2020


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About the Album

“Afrika” is dedicated to our Brazilian roots which are grounded in the rhythm-based music of Africa.

Track Listing

1. For Astor 7:27 (solo: Ádám Ladányi – trombone) 2. The Gard Nilssen Pattern 6:24 (solos: collective strings, collective percussion, collective brass and collective woodwinds) 3. Afrika 7:48 (solo: Patrick Dunst – baritone sax, Katja Finsel – cello, Cristina Arandes – viola, Andreas Semlitsch and Yanet Infanzón – violin). 4. Jet Lag 9:01 (solos: Sandra Macher – harp, Oleksandr Ryndenko – bass clarinet, Gerhard Ornig – trumpet, Christian Pollheimer – vibraphone, Stas Zhukovskyy – oboe) 5. Naked Tree 9:25 (solos: Sandra Macher – harp, Patrick Dunst – clarinet, Ádám Ladányi – trombone, Florian Pöttler – percussion) 6. Balada para Brumadinho 7:40 (solos: Michael Lagger – piano, Tobias Pustelnik – tenor sax) 7. Mr. Tappler 7:26 (solos: collective improvisation, Karl-Heinz Tappler – french horn) 8. Relax 10:58


Additional Personnel

Mereneu Project & String Orchestra Recorded and edited by Andreas Kapfer at Audiotope Studios in May 2018, Graz, Austria Mixed and mastered by Ulrich Katzenberger at Kug Studios in Dezember 2019, Graz, Austria Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar Maximilian Ranzinger - Bass Luis Andre - Drums Nicolo Loro, Thomas Fröchl, Patrick Dunst - Woodwinds Adam Ladanyi - Trombone Dominic Pessl, Jakob Helling - Trumpet String Orchestra Violin Michi Leitner, Isabella Sedlaczek, Andreas Semlitsch, Anna van der Merwe, Iulia Ioanas, Yanet Infanzón, Darja Vasovic, Alyona Pynzenyk, Miona Vujovic, Nicolás José Sánchez Gilabert Viola Anita Gnamuš, Cristina Arandes, Jao Kotaro, Meng Jung Cello Charlotte Hirschberg, Fernando Trigueros, Katja Finsel, Gustavo Rodriguez Mereneu Project Extended Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ulrich Katzenberger at Kug Studios in June 2019, Graz, Austria Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar Maximilian Ranzinger - Bass Luis Andre - Drums Patrick Dunst, Oleksandr Ryndenko, Cristina Miguel Martínez - Woodwinds Adam Ladanyi - Trombone Dominic Pessl, Gerhard Ornig - Trumpet Christian Pollheimer, Florian Pöttler - Percussion Karl-Heinz Tappler - French Horn Stas Zhukovskyy - Oboe Sandra Macher - Harp Mega Mereneu Project Live recorded at the Bayerisches Jazzweekend by BR | Bayerischer Rundfunk in Regensburg, July 2019. Mixed and mastered by Ulrich Katzenberger at Kug Studios in Dezember 2019, Graz, Austria Patrick Dunst, Jonathan Herrgesell, Tobias Pustelnik, Jaka Arh, Oleksandr Ryndenko - Woodwinds Ádám Ladányi, Karel Eriksson, Simon Kintopp, Johannes Oppel - Trombone Dominic Pessl, Gerhard Ornig, Karl Rossmann, Žan Cesar - Trumpet Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar Michael Lagger - Piano Maximilian Ranzinger - Bass Luis Andre - Drums

Date featured

May 22, 2020

This track appears by permission of the contributing artist and/or record company.
It is for personal use only; no other rights are granted or implied.

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