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Waddle by Moppa Elliott

From the album

Album Title: Jazz Band/Rock Band/Dance Band
By: Moppa Elliott
Label: Hot Cup Records
Released: 2019


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Fiona's Comments

Imagine the lift of a mile high building is out of order. The band are trying to get from penthouse to ground, with only the emergency stairwell. The floor is shiny, the piano is an upright on wheels, the band are a bit drunk and waddle behind the piano as it slinks down to ground. Silly, mad and fun.

About the Album

"Waddle" is a track each from bassist/composer Moppa Elliott's triple album "Jazz Band/Rock Band/Dance Band," featuring three drastically contrasting ensembles, out February 15, 2019 via Hot Cup Records. "Waddle" is from Dance Band. This project displays Elliott's talents as a composer, bandleader, and artist who is willing to constantly challenge his audience - and himself. The bands featured on these albums include: Jazz Band - Advancing on a Wild Pitch with Moppa Elliott, Sam Kulik, Charles Evans, Danny Fox, and Christian Coleman; Rock Band - Unspeakable Garbage with Moppa Elliott, Jon Irabagon, Nick Milivoi, Ron Stabinsky, and Dan Monaghan; and Dance Band - Acceleration Due to Gravity with Moppa Elliott, George Burton, Mike Pride, Nate Wooley, Dave Taylor, Matt Nelson, Bryan Murray, Dr. Kyle Saulnier, and Ava Mendoza.

Track Listing

CD 1: Oreland; Herminie; St. Mary's Proctor; Baden; Can't Tell Shipp from Shohola; Slab; Rocks, MD; Punxsutawney; Stone Hill; Minersville. CD 2: Drumore; Quarryville; Chrome; Bethlehem; Big Rock; Waddle; Geiger; Sparks; Energy; Power; Bangor.


Advancing On a Wild Pitch: Moppa Elliott: bass; Sam Kulik: trombone; Charles Evans: baritone saxophone; Danny Fox: piano; Christian Coleman: drums (CD 1: 1-6). Unspeakable Garbage: Jon Irbagon: tenor saxophone; Nick Millevoi: guitar; Ron Stabinsky: piano; Moppa Elliott: bass; Daniel James Monaghan: drums (CD 1: 7 - CD 2: 5). Accelearation Due To Gravity: Nate Wooley: trumpet; Dave Taylor: trombone; Matt Nelson: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Bryan Murray: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, balto!; Kyle Saulnier: baritone saxophone; Ava Mendoza: guitar; George Burton: piano; Moppa Elliott: bass; Mike Pride: drums CD 2: 6-11).


Date featured

March 11, 2019

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