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"Islander's Dilemma" by Natanael Ramos

From the album

Islander's Dilemma
Record Label: FreeCode Jazz Records
By Natanael Ramos
Released: 2018
Duration: 44min


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About the Album

Islander's Dilemma is the story of a wandering islander. One who proceeds from many places, yet is errant from all of them. An islander who drowns in the earth, yet breathes freely, relieved, in the sea. The sea that binds him with dreams and at the same time, with chains. The hermit like islander, in the solitude of his island and at the same time a fugitive of the same. Islander's Dilemma is an echo of his experiences and travels, through each of these places, imaginary and real. It is the reflection of a stone carved by different seas. Sometimes drop by drop and at other times by the beating waves.

Track Listing

Prelude. Arroró; Islander's Dilemma; Sadness Of The Promised Land; In Your Eyes; Room 3324. Part I; Room 3324. Part II & III; Train From Bydgoszcz; When You Don't See Me; All The Way Back. Part I: Memories From Tenerife; All The Way Back. Part II: Memories From Holland; Round About 'Round Midnight (Bonus Track)


Natanael Ramos: trompeta; Joris Roelofs: bass clarinet; Virxilio Da Silva: guitar; Xan Campos: piano & fender rhodes; Matt Adomeit: double bass; Mark Schilders: drums; Esther Van Hees: vocal.

Date featured

March 3, 2018

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Islander's Dilemma

Islander's Dilemma

Natanael Ramos
Islander's Dilemma

Islander's Dilemma

Islander's Dilemma

FreeCode Jazz Records