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"The Origin Suite: 1. La Jungla" by Michael Waldrop

From the album

Origin Suite
Record Label: Origin Records
By Michael Waldrop
Released: 2018


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Fiona's Comments

Big spec tune, a fantastic gig intro, audience warm up number, with palpable excitement and shows of what's to come.

About the Album

Drummer, vibraphonist, and composer Michael Waldrop's second release on Origin is an ambitious and diverse representative of his work, highlighted by a wide-ranging, cross-genre aesthetic and his wildly dynamic big band. Inspired by the earthy and primal works of Cuban artist Wilfredo Lam, arranger Jack Cooper transformed three of Waldrop's compositions into an evocative and epic "Origin Suite," with the movements titled after three of his paintings. Featuring Waldrop's Big Band, guitarist Jimi Tunnell, saxophonist Mario Cruz, and German vocalist Marc Secara, it's a dramatc opening for an album that goes on to feature several other very distinctive voices including percussionists Drad Dutz & Jose Rossy, and keyboardist Scott Kinsey, and compositions by Jimi Tunnell, Gerald Stockton, Waldrop and Jack Copper.

Track Listing

THE ORIGIN SUITE Jack Cooper / M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 1 LA JUNGLA 3:52 2 NATIVITÉ 3:21 3 AL FINAL DE LA NOCHE 3:39 4 THROUGH THE MIST 5:10 M. Waldrop 5 SHEATH AND SWORD 5:55 Jack Cooper 6 IVANA 5:41 M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 7 MOUZON 6:58 Jimi Tunnell 8 DOO DAT TANG 5:45 M. Waldrop (arr. Stockton) 9 BELGRADE 7:19 M. Waldrop (arr. Cooper) 10 VASCONCELOS 5:54 M. Waldrop 11 DOPPLER EFFECT 6:13 Gerald Stockton 12 STILL LIFE 7:05 M. Waldrop


Personnel: Michael Waldrop Big Band (1,2,3,5,6,12) Michael Waldrop- drums, vibraphone Marc Secara - vocals SAXOPHONES: Will Campbell -alto, soprano Tim Ishii- alto Mario Cruz- tenor Chris McGuire- tenor Paul Baker- bari TROMBONES: Anthony Williams Tony Baker Greg Waits John Wasson TRUMPETS: Keith Jourdan David Spencer Larry Spencer Mike Steinel Travis Ranney - soprano and alto saxophones (9,11) Richard Cole - tenor and baritone saxophones (9,11) Dan Marcus - trombones (9) Brad Allison - trumpets (9) Larry Panella - flutes (10) Noel Johnstone - guitar (5,6,12) Jimi Tunnell - guitar (1-3) Jeff Plant - electric bass (1-3) Lynn Seaton - acoustic bass (5,6,12) Scott Steed - bass (9,10) Steve Snyder - piano and organ (1,2,3,5,6,12) Jose Rossy- percussion Scott Kinsey - keyboards (7) Wayne Peet - piano (12) John Hansen - piano (4,9,10) Brad Dutz - percussion (4,9,10,12) MICHAEL WALDROP BIG BAND (1,2,3,5,6,8) VOCALS: Marc Secara (1-3,5), Jimi Tunnell (1-3) SAXOPHONES: Will Campbell, Tim Ishii, Mario Cruz, Chris McGuire, Paul Baker TROMBONES: Anthony Williams, Tony Baker, Greg Waits, John Wasson TRUMPETS: Keith Jourdan, David Spencer, Larry Spencer, Mike Steinel PIANO / ORGAN: Steve Snyder GUITAR: Jimi Tunnell (1-3), Noel Johnstone (5,6,8) BASS: Jeff Plant (elec. 1-3), Lynn Seaton (acou. 5,6,8) DRUMS / VIBRAPHONE: Michael Waldrop PERCUSSION: Jose Rossy

Date featured

January 10, 2018

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