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"Zotrziko" by Orazio Saracino

From the album

IncontroTempo Suite
Record Label: Workin' Label
By Orazio Saracino
Released: 2017


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About the Album

from the cd "IncontroTempo Suite" by the italian pianist composer Orazio Saracino

Track Listing

1. Zortziko 2. La ballata della moka 3. Fimmine e masculi 4. Pizzicapiano 5. Unsquare Dance (D. Brubeck) 6. Anime GIGanti 7. Musette 8. La Danza (G. Rossini) 9. Punta Palascìa


Mimmo Campanale (drums), Eugenio Venneri (double bass), Paolo Debenedetto (sax soprano/sopranino), Alessandro Grasso (guitar), Michele Marrulli (percussion), Giovanni Chiapparino (accordion), Luigi Fatigati (bouzouki), Giulia Barozzi, Michelangelo Bufi e Mizio Vilardi (solo voices), Fabiana Aniello (reciting voices), Cetta Annese e Antonio Minervini (chorus).

Date featured

October 17, 2017

This track appears by permission of the contributing artist and/or record company.
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