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"Reaction N.3 - Density" by Rosario Di Rosa

From the album

Composition And Reactions
Record Label: Deep Voice Records
By Rosario Di Rosa
Released: 2017
Duration: 00:46:38


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Fiona's Comments

Like a rush of blood to the head, flooding tributaries of vessels. With a harkening motif that recalls a distant ghost.

About the Album

Composition And Reactions is created by a unique composition, Composition N.26, totally written and without improvisation, composed by special features: it’d be intentionally irregular, having different themes or harmonies each one far apart the others and without an unique rhythms, too. Starting from Composition N.26 I have selected eight fragments developed with different improvised approaches, so Reactions are born. Each Reaction has a specific direction, for example intervals or the comparison between density/spaces, or is characterized by use of electronics as “sampling” (to sample a part of an improvisation and then to improvise again assigning it a new form) or “tuning” (to improvise the tuning of piano through electronic). This is the attempt to play a classic form like piano solo by a direction as personal as unusual.

Track Listing

Reaction No. 1 - Variation and Morphing; Reaction No. 2 - Phasing; Reaction No. 3 - Density; Reaction No. 4 - Spaces; Reaction No. 5 - Intervals; Reaction No. 6 - Tuning; Reaction No. 7 - Sampling and Loops; Reaction No. 8 - Strings; Reaction No. 9 - Clusters; Reaction No. 10 - Textures; Reaction No. 11 - Loops and Sampling; Reaction No. 12 - Intervals #2; Composition No. 26.


Rosario di Rosa: piano, midi keyboard, electronics.


Date featured

July 27, 2017

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