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"Renegades of Pthronk" by Thunkfish

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Self Produced


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Fiona's Comments

Ah the tale of the angry young Scotsman. Still waiting on a folkloric level of freedom. A heavy jazz fairytale for boys with toys. Shake your spurtles vigourously. #brawfechter

About the Album

Definitely occupying the heavier end of jazz, Renegades is built on strong riffs, dense soundscapes, duelling horns, sludgy guitar and ferocious drumming, combined with samples from 1950s Sci-Fi shows on American public radio to create an abstract, instrumental sci-fi concept album of sorts… The product of five musicians who, while becoming prominent in Scotland’s late-night funk scene via a multitude of other projects, have not lost touch with the angry, visceral rock and metal of their younger days. Nor do they ignore the effect of a good riff. Expect to see more of them at the heavier end of a jazz festival programme, or the weirder end of a metal night. Tom Pickles: saxophones, flute, piano; Charles Dearness: trumpet; Jed Potts: guitars, lap steel; Tom Wilkinson: bass; Richard Kass: drums, cymbals.

Date featured

May 24, 2017

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