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Presented on October 29, 2019

Brecker Plays Rovatti - Sacred Bond

Featuring the music of Ada Rovatti
Duration: 2:56

Husband and wife team Randy Brecker (trumpet) and Ada Rovatti (saxophone) join forces on Brecker Plays Rovatti: Sacred Bond. Available now!
Presented on October 25, 2019

Making Believe Blues No.9

Featuring the music of Claudia Vorbach
Duration: 5:01

"Making Believe Blues No.9" is a original song about social issues, taken from vocalist Claudia Vorbach's current album Is There A Time?. Also includes Martin Soeroes (piano), Axel Kuehn (bass) Felix Schrack (drums). Arts & music, singer-songwriter & jazz, graffiti style & glass works together are forming the virtual transfer of the song. The unique works from the international glass artist Ursula Huth have inspired Vorbach, while creating this music video together with media designer Tim Stolting.
Presented on October 9, 2019


Featuring the music of Velocity
Duration: 6:53

Magnetar is the funky single off of the new album of the same name from jazz fusion group Velocity. It features Peter Adams on keyboard, Cliff Colón on saxophone, Brian Smith on drums, and Rob Hutchinson on bass.
Presented on October 8, 2019


Featuring the music of Ed Palermo
Duration: 5:14

In many ways A Lousy Day in Harlem makes a compelling case for Ed Palermo’s abiding love of luscious melody, like “Affinity,” a winsome piece featuring Cliff Lyons’ expert soprano saxophone work. A Lousy Day in Harlem by the Ed Palermo Big Band is available now!
Presented on October 3, 2019

When We Were Young: Kelley Suttenfield Sings Neil Young

Featuring the music of Kelley Suttenfield
Duration: 2:45

When We Were Young: Kelley Suttenfield Sings Neil Young" is an inspired re-working of eleven notable songs from the Neil Young, the iconic, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist whose prolific body of work spans over 50 years.
Presented on September 17, 2019


Featuring the music of Ikarus
Duration: 5:46

Oumuamua - named after the first observable interstellar object that crossed our solar system - is the second piece of the album Mosaismic (2019) by Contemporary Groove Jazz quintet Ikarus. The video footage was recorded at a concert in Nik Bärtsch's club Exil in Zurich and tailored to the music by the bandleader and composer Ramón Oliveras. Like the song itself, the video plays around with repetition and patterns which all lead up to a surreal viewing merging both audio and visual.
Presented on September 13, 2019

It's Morning

Featuring the music of Led Bib
Duration: 1:33

Trailer for the new film to accompany the release of It's Morning on RareNoise Records. Out on September 27th, 2019. Film by Dylan Pecora.