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Presented on December 5, 2019

Session 1 | Kandace Springs | Sanborn Sessions

Featuring the music of David Sanborn
Duration: 12:22

SEASON PREMIERE: Our first guest of the season, the incredibly talented Kandace Springs, joins legendary saxophonist David Sanborn and the band for song and conversation at Dave's home studio in New York.
Presented on December 1, 2019

Part III (Live)

Featuring the music of Keith Jarrett
Duration: 5:56

The improviser's diversity and unrelenting inventiveness continue to be stunning. It is possible to listen to Jarrett's dozen live solo collections—including box set and multi-disc releases—and never feel that you're covering the customary territory. Barring the standards-focused encores, nostalgia is no match for the emotional power of Jarrett's spontaneous creations. —KARL ACKERMANN, All About Jazz
Presented on November 29, 2019


Featuring the music of Dave Bass
Duration: 4:23

From pianist Dave Bass's latest recording No Boundaries (Whaling City) with Karrin Allyson, Carlos Henríquez: Jerome Jennings, Ted Nash and more.
Presented on November 28, 2019

Upper West Side

Featuring the music of Derel Monteith
Duration: 8:44

"Upper West Side" gets its name from the New York City energy it attempts to express, as well as the fact that when I brought a set of my songs to a lesson with Maria Schneider at her apartment on the Upper West Side, this was her favorite of the bunch.
Presented on November 21, 2019

I Hate To Let You Go

Featuring the music of Chris Abelen
Duration: 3:12

From the Songs on the eve of dismissal concert at Bimhuis in June 2019; "I hate to let you go" is performed by the Chris Abelen Septet featuring Lorena del Mar. Trumpet solo by Angelo Verploegen.

"The troubling themes and musical expressiveness of Songs on the eve of dismissal are suggestive of a dramatic theater piece or opera, and indeed, Abelen and Geleijnse are finalizing the script for a stage production comprising the Songs. But the wonderful thing about this recording is that you can either get out the Kleenex or enjoy the music the way you would any great jazz vocalist with a terrific band. This dual function of jazz is part of a tradition. You can listen to Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra either way. It’s only possible with a composer, lyricist, singer, band, and arranger like those in this album who know how to make it work."

—Victor L. Schermer, All About Jazz (from the Songs on the eve of dismissal liner notes)
Presented on November 19, 2019


Featuring the music of Will Sellenraad
Duration: 3:47

From Greene Street Vol.1 with Will Sellenraad (guitar), Eric McPherson (drums), and Rene Hart (bass). Available in all digital formats and limited green splatter vinyl.
Presented on November 18, 2019

Rush Hour Rhapsody

Featuring the music of Lisa Hilton
Duration: 5:56

With JD Allen on tenor saxophone, Rudy Royston on drums and Luques Curtis on bass. "Hilton has an absolutely unique and beautiful sound BRAVO!" —Hugh Carson, KVNF Radio