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Future Tracks of the Day

Coming on July 9

Listen "Unraveled" free track


By Aubrey Johnson
From Unraveled
On Outside in Music

Listens: 106

Coming on July 10

Listen "Asatsuyu" free track


By Satoko Fujii
From Confluence
On Libra Records

Listens: 178

Coming on July 11

Listen "The End of August" free track

The End of August

By Little Gorgeous
From Little Gorgeous
On Self Produced

Listens: 104

Coming on July 12

Listen "Ascension" free track


By Robert Lee 2
From Ascension
On Self Produced

Listens: 92

Coming on July 14

Listen "Qalu li raw" free track

Qalu li raw

By Nadine Axisa
From Il-Ħoss tal-Għabex
On Nadine Mercieca

Listens: 61

Coming on July 15

Listen "Songs of the Decades" free track

Songs of the Decades

By Rebekah Victoria
From Songs of the Decades
On Patois Records

Listens: 86

Coming on July 16

Listen "Liam's Labyrinth" free track

Liam's Labyrinth

By Ostergren Stromkvist Trio
From Liam's Labyrinth
On Mardano Records

Listens: 33

Coming on July 17

Listen "Once not so long ago" free track

Once not so long ago

By Christian Klinkenberg
From The Leaves That Hung But Never Grew
On Neuklang Records

Listens: 44

Coming on July 18

Listen "Confinitude" free track


By Fabrice Sotton
From Silencio
On Self Produced

Listens: 66

Coming on July 19

Listen "Blue Horizon" free track

Blue Horizon

By Luca Kézdy
From Blue Horizon
On Self Released

Listens: 67

Coming on July 20

Listen "I'm Running Late" free track

I'm Running Late

By Angela Verbrugge
From The Night We Couldn't Say Good Night
On Gut String Records

Listens: 128

Coming on July 21

Listen "My Friend Left Me A Present" free track

My Friend Left Me A Present

By Giuseppe Ciabattoni
From Sacred Spring
On Workin' Label

Listens: 70

Coming on July 22

Listen "The Sun Is Slowly Rising" free track

The Sun Is Slowly Rising

By Alex Jønsson
From Heathland
On Self released

Listens: 101

Coming on July 23

Listen "Ascension" free track


By Sanja Markovic
From Ascension
On A.MA Records

Listens: 148

Coming on July 24

Listen "I'll remember April" free track

I'll remember April

By Xavier Casellas
From In a Sentimental Move
On Fresh Sound Records

Listens: 86

Coming on July 25

Listen "Street of Crocodiles" free track

Street of Crocodiles

By Max Ridgway
From Street of Crocodiles
On Self Produced

Listens: 74

Coming on July 26

Listen "Madaya" free track


By Juan D Arango
From AKA TRIO Vol. 2 Originals
On Aka Trio

Listens: 84

Coming on July 27

Listen "Limerence" free track


By Agenor Garcia
From Lilt
On Agenor Garcia

Listens: 114

Coming on July 29

Listen "A Foggy Day" free track

A Foggy Day

By Billy Ponzio
From Swing Simples
On Self Produced

Listens: 192

Coming on July 30

Listen "This is Our Moment" free track

This is Our Moment

By Nicholas Krolak
From Voice = Power
On Next Level

Listens: 72

Coming on August 1

Listen "Whisky Kisses" free track

Whisky Kisses

By Alex Bird
From Whisky Kisses (Single)
On Self Produced

Listens: 75

Coming on August 2

Listen "Tornar" free track


By Carolina Bubbico
From Tornar
On Workin' Label

Listens: 105

Coming on August 3

Listen "12-6" free track


By Lars Fiil
From Under Overfladen
On Fiil Free Records

Listens: 107

Coming on August 4

Listen "Whistle up a Rope" free track

Whistle up a Rope

By Peripheral Vision
From Irrational Revelation And Mutual Humiliation
On Step3

Listens: 100

Coming on August 5

Listen "Traure" free track


By Petr Cancura
From Life is a Gong Show
On RootsToBoot Music

Listens: 79

Coming on August 6

Listen "The Einstein-Szilard Letter" free track

The Einstein-Szilard Letter

By Denin Koch
From re: manhattan project
On Self Produced

Listens: 29

Coming on August 7

Listen "Blues After Dusk" free track

Blues After Dusk

By Márk Fenyves
From Don't Miss the Band
On Self Produced

Listens: 73

Coming on August 8

Listen "Martingale" free track


By Denman Maroney
From Martingale
On Self Produced

Listens: 91

Coming on August 9

Listen "Beyond Convergence" free track

Beyond Convergence

By Lucas Apostoleris
From Chronicle
On Self Produced

Listens: 99

Coming on August 10

Listen "Instante" free track


By Javier García
From Guords
On El Cirko Sello Digital

Listens: 95

Coming on August 11

Listen "Caravan" free track


By Henry Acker
From 14
On Modern Artists

Listens: 88

Coming on August 12

Listen "Salome's Dance" free track

Salome's Dance

By Mike Rud
From Salome's Dance: The Mike Rud Trio Invites Peter Bernstein
On Bent River Records

Listens: 57

Coming on August 13

Listen "Momentum" free track


By Ittai Korman
From Phases
On Self Produced

Listens: 73

Coming on August 14

Listen "Il lago di Ikahti" free track

Il lago di Ikahti

By Filippo Bonaccorso
From Enigmatica
On Got Groove Records

Listens: 140

Coming on August 15

Listen "Siddartha" free track


By Matthew Steckler
From Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps - Long Time Ago Rumble
On Ropeadope

Listens: 84

Coming on August 16

Listen "Jimmy The Unicorn" free track

Jimmy The Unicorn

By Cory Carleton
From Jimmy The Unicorn
On Def Left Ear

Listens: 81

Coming on August 17

Listen "Deep Moraine" free track

Deep Moraine

By Dave Miller
From Dave Miller
On Tompkins Square

Listens: 50

Coming on August 18

Listen "Sockyo Enso" free track

Sockyo Enso

By Patricia López
From Wanderlust
On Self Produced

Listens: 64

Coming on August 19

Listen "North Street 74" free track

North Street 74

By Matt Clark
From North Of No South
On Self Produced

Listens: 69

Coming on August 20

Listen "easy" free track


By Mike Lorenz
From easy / home
On Recent Music

Listens: 21

Coming on August 21

Listen "In a Capricornian Way" free track

In a Capricornian Way

By Alex Moxon
From Alex Moxon Quartet
On Self Produced

Listens: 37

Coming on August 22

Listen "Numbers" free track


By Yulia Musayelyan
From Unsaid
On Next Level

Listens: 40

Coming on August 23

Listen "Gary" free track


By Gergo Borlai
From The Missing Song
On Blue Canoe Records

Listens: 45

Coming on August 24

Listen "Give Me The Key To Your Heart" free track

Give Me The Key To Your Heart

By Zoe Schwarz
From Chameleon
On 33 Records

Listens: 47

Coming on August 25

Listen "H.O.P.E." free track


By Soulsax
From H.O.P.E.
On Self Produced

Listens: 88

Coming on August 26

Listen "Voss Is Boss" free track

Voss Is Boss

By Keith Oxman
From Two Cigarettes In the Dark
On Capri Records

Listens: 41

Coming on August 27

Listen "Chez Tortoni (Manet)" free track

Chez Tortoni (Manet)

By Jason Palmer
From The Concert: 12 Musings for Isabella
On Giant Steps Art

Listens: 81

Coming on August 28

Listen "Lilac Hill" free track

Lilac Hill

By Sukyung Kim
From Lilac Hill
On Self Produced

Listens: 78

Coming on August 29

Listen "Topacio (Topaz)" free track

Topacio (Topaz)

By Hector Rodriguez
From Soundscapes
On Jazz Fusion Producciones

Listens: 44

Coming on August 30

Listen "Baths" free track


By Lucas Apostoleris
From Chronicle
On Self Produced

Listens: 58

Coming on August 31

Listen "Lucero Mundo" free track

Lucero Mundo

By Aruán Ortiz
From Inside Rhythmic Falls
On Intakt Records

Listens: 53

Coming on September 1

Listen "Make Believe" free track

Make Believe

By George Nazos
From Heat Song
On Street of Stars

Listens: 102

Coming on September 2

Listen "Koreduga La Joie" free track

Koreduga La Joie

By Jo kaiat
From Come To My World
On Imago records

Listens: 44

Coming on September 3

Listen "Distant Duo with Gerry Gibbs, Cheryl pyle" free track

Distant Duo with Gerry Gibbs, Cheryl pyle

By Cheryl Pyle
From Distant Duos -Cheryl Pyle and Friends
On 11th Street Music

Listens: 35

Coming on September 4

Listen "This One's for John" free track

This One's for John

By Brian Scarborough
From Sunflower Song
On Next Level

Listens: 39

Coming on September 5

Listen "Seasons from " free track

Seasons from

By Charu Suri
From New American Songbook
On Amala Records

Listens: 53

Coming on September 6

Listen "Minuet for a Dog" free track

Minuet for a Dog

By Maja Alvanovic
From Organic
On Mistyland

Listens: 59

Coming on September 7

Listen "The Possibility of Change" free track

The Possibility of Change

By Fernando Huergo
From The Possibility of Change
On Next Level

Listens: 53

Coming on September 8

Listen "Monarch" free track


By Rainer Theobald
From Crosshill Nights
On recordet

Listens: 35

Coming on September 9

Listen "I Love The Life I Live" free track

I Love The Life I Live

By Bryan Davis
From Bluesville
On Zoho Music

Listens: 46

Coming on September 10

Listen "Rough Sketch" free track

Rough Sketch

By Julian Hartwell
On Self Produced

Listens: 41

Coming on September 11

Listen "J'accuse Mancoose" free track

J'accuse Mancoose

By Dielectric
From On Dog
On ILK Music

Listens: 46

Coming on September 12

Listen "A Estrada" free track

A Estrada

By Smogz
From A Estrada
On Workin' Label

Listens: 35

Coming on September 13

Listen "The Impossible Wheel" free track

The Impossible Wheel

By Calvin Weston
From Exploding Sky featuring G. Calvin Weston
On Self Produced

Listens: 38

Coming on September 14

Listen "Fanfar" free track


By William Soovik
From Major
On Abrovinsch Records

Listens: 28

Coming on September 15

Listen "I Remember You" free track

I Remember You

By Bob McHugh
From Uptown
On Lunge Music

Listens: 18

Coming on September 16

Listen "Song for Pina" free track

Song for Pina

By Enzo Torregrossa
From Song for Pina
On Zone Records

Listens: 12

Coming on September 17

Listen "The Natural Order of Things" free track

The Natural Order of Things

By Ted Moore
From The Natural Order of Things
On Origin Records

Listens: 0

Coming on September 18

Listen "Primal Sympathy" free track

Primal Sympathy

By Denman Maroney
From Martingale
On Self Produced

Listens: 98

Coming on September 19

Listen "Vaidoso" free track


By Ramiro Pinheiro
From Vaidoso
On Brasounds Productions

Listens: 0

Coming on September 20

Listen "Same Song" free track

Same Song

By Kari van der Kloot
From The Architects
On Next Level

Listens: 0

Coming on September 21

Listen "Desafinado" free track


By Angela Turone & Chris Platt
From Sounds of Brazil
On Self Produced

Listens: 0

Coming on September 22

Listen "Venus: The Bringer of Peace" free track

Venus: The Bringer of Peace

By Jeremy Levy
From The Planets: Reimagined
On OA2 Records

Listens: 0

Coming on September 23

Listen "Dexter's Laboratory" free track

Dexter's Laboratory

By Gregory Dudzienski
From Beautiful Moments
On OA2 Records

Listens: 0

Coming on September 24

Listen "Inuendo" free track


By Lars Emil Riis
From Domino Landscape
On Gateway Music

Listens: 0

Coming on September 25

Listen "Imaginary Lines" free track

Imaginary Lines

By Ryan Cohan
From Originations
On Origin Records

Listens: 0

Coming on September 26

Listen "Close Enough" free track

Close Enough

By Shelly Rudolph
From The Way We Love
On OA2 Records

Listens: 0

Coming on September 27

Listen "The Lonely Band" free track

The Lonely Band

By LP And The Vinyl
From Heard And Seen
On OA2 Records

Listens: 0

Coming on December 1

Listen "Do You Hear What I Hear" free track

Do You Hear What I Hear

By Paul Jones
From Do You Hear What I Hear
On Outside in Music

Listens: 125


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